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Decomposes hazardous gases at a high temperature


Air pollution control equipment
Equipment types covered include all makes of:

Direct Thermal Fired Oxidisers
Here at Envirocombustion Systems Ltd we are pleased to supply and install direct- fired thermal oxidisers. These units have been expertly designed and manufactured to optimise destruction and operating efficiency. They are engineered to suit bespoke conditions and can feature scrubbing equipment to remove acid if required. Please contact us at Envirocombustion Systems Ltd to discuss your application requirements in our engineered applications. It is our commitment to ensure the most effective solution is installed and achieved.


Thermal Recuperative Oxidisers
We are also pleased to supply and install recuperative oxidiser systems. These direct-fired thermal oxidisers feature a primary heat recovery heat exchanger which can recover up to 70% of the heat from the oxidation process. They are effective for use where the concentration of the VOC is relatively high or where heat can be usefully recovered for other processes. If necessary, a secondary heat exchanger can be installed to recover more heat. Please call us directly and we will be happy to help.

thermal recuperative oxidiser


Thermal Regenerative Oxidisers
Envirocombustion Systems Ltd supplies and installs the regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO). This type of thermal oxidiser is widely used for its ability to operate at high thermal efficiencies. At low concentrations of VOC, the RTO also proves effective due to high thermal efficiencies of up to 97%. If you would like to find out more about RTO systems, please ring the number top right, we will be happy to explain in further detail.

Recuperative Catalytic Oxidiser Systems
Catalytic recuperative oxidisers are used to convert volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) to carbon dioxide and water via a thermal oxidation reaction. Compared to other methods, which require temperatures typically over 750 degrees C, the use of a catalyst significantly lowers the temperature. This results in the potential reduction in support fuel use. Please get in touch to find out more.

recuperative catalytic oxidiser


Regenerative Catalytic Oxidisers
Catalytic regeneration may also be used to convert volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) to carbon dioxide and water via a thermal oxidation reaction. The use of catalyst significantly lowers the operating temperature (compared to other methods) which result in the potential reduction of support fuel use. For more information, please contact our team of experts at Envirocombustion Systems Ltd who will be happy to discuss systems and solutions to suit your needs.

regenerative catalytic oxidiser


Waste to Energy services
Envirocombustion Systems Ltd work closely with selected partners to offer a fantastic range of equipment and services for waste to energy plants. If you would like to find out more about our waste to energy services, please contact us directly, we will be happy to discuss options with you.

All equipment is designed to each of our customer’s specific requirements and meets the latest safety and environmental standards.

We supply from design to production, delivery, installation, commissioning and servicing of all types of air pollution control equipment.

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