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Servicing & Parts

Here at Envirocombustion Systems, we pride ourselves on being combustion and air pollution control specialists.

Our focus is to provide service support and spares to all types of industrial air pollution control equipment, implementing routine service contracts that involve a detailed inspection and service of your plant.

pollution control equipment


We aim to deliver a comprehensive and full service package and offer routine and emergency breakdown services on all types of process, incinerator and oxidiser plant.

We offer a meticulous and diligent routine maintenance package that’s tailored to the correct set up and balance of individual plants.

Our innovative risk and technical method statement system for the work we carry out is adapted to the specific requirements of our customers and their plant.

All our work is accurately recorded and documented by our expert engineers in detailed service reports. Checklists along with any recommendations or proposals will advise of abnormalities, faults or any potential failures of the plant allowing for programmed maintenance to be planned.

pollution control equipment repair


We know just how important it is to provide essential service information in a clear and legible format that’s easy to read and understood by our customers.

We deliver specialist mechanical, electrical and control support to ensure reliable, optimum and efficient operation of air pollution control plants and the ancillary equipment and instrumentation.

We supply service support to industrial incinerators including all types of rotary, static hearth incinerators and associated control systems, handling apparatus and analysis equipment.

We offer professional expertise on hot gas filtration and NOx, oxygen and carbon monoxide online control.

In order to get the maximum performance from all types of equipment it is crucial to correctly maintain systems, as this will ensure it is safe to operate eliminating the risk to production and operational down time, and complying controlling authority emission standards.

We also provide a comprehensive range of after sale services including:

  • Burners
  • Specialist mechanical, electrical and control support
  • PLC Control Systems
  • Emergency call outs
  • Planned & routine maintenance
  • Rebuilds
  • Upgrades
  • Emission testing to M’Cert standards
  • Compliance solutions
  • Improvements
  • Maximum achievable
  • Energy saving upgrades
  • Recovered heat solutions
  • Risk and technical recommendations
  • Design & drawings
  • Planning
  • Efficiency upgrades
  • RTO efficiency
  • Industrial incineration
  • Clinical waste incineration
  • Solid waste incineration