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We offer a variety of ongoing upgrades, support and maintenance services

We regularly provide upgrades for mechanical and control components to include safety, reliability or data acquisition as required or recommended.

We provide energy saving upgrades to air pollution control plant that can reduce direct energy use or provide recovered heat energy for use elsewhere on a plant.

air pollution


We deliver specialist mechanical, electrical and control support to ensure reliable, optimum and efficient operation of air pollution control plant and the ancillary equipment and instrumentation.

Envirocombustion Systems Limited can help you minimise your fuel costs by either increasing your oxidiser efficiency or displacing fuel use elsewhere. Every piece of plant whatever its use or function can be made to operate more efficiently, we have the experience and the know how to make these savings economically viable with the operation of your plant or equipment. We can examine your equipment and calculate the savings you can make over time.


  • Improve VOC capture
  • Improve Destruction of VOC’s
  • Increase air flow capacity
  • Reduce operation expenses
  • Achieve greater reliability
  • Improve documentation and reporting competencies
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved reliability