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What we provide

Supply, Servicing and emergency breakdown provided on all types of Oxidiser and Incinerator Plant

New Plant and Equipment
We supply and install new and used air pollution control plant and equipment.

We offer routine and emergency breakdown services on all types of incinerator and oxidiser plant. We deliver specialist mechanical, electrical and control support to ensure reliable, optimum and efficient operation of air pollution control plant and the ancillary equipment and instrumentation.

emission testing
We give energy saving upgrades to air pollution control plant that can reduce direct energy use or provide recovered heat energy for use elsewhere on the plant. We make a thorough and detailed routine maintenance package coupled to the correct set up and balance of your plant. We have developed an advanced system of Risk and technical Method Statement for the works we do that are tailored to each customer’s plant.

Emission Testing
Working with our partner M’cert’d testing company we can include emission testing for submission to your controlling Authority as part of our menu of services. By doing this we are on hand to correct any condition that would otherwise cause failure of compliance and the need to perform corrective service adjustment and re-testing.

Work is recorded and documented by our engineers in checklist service reports along with any recommendations or proposals. Envirocombustion know it is important to provide important service information in a clear and legible format to ensure information provided to our customers is credible, easily read and understood. We provide competitive professional service support.